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Pool Leak Detection

Using audio and visual equipment to investigate water loss issues.

We’ll locate your pool leak, wherever and whatever it is!

Using underwater cameras, listening and locating equipment nothing escapes us, whether the problem is one or more pin holes in a liner, or in the one of the underground plumbing lines we’ll pinpoint the location.

For vinyl liners we scan the entire pool electronically and dive in to repair them. Afterwards we employ another diagnostic tool that measures water loss to 1/10,000″ to ensure your pool is completely leak free when back in full operation. Typically, the location of a broken, underground fitting or pipe is precisely identified for you or your pool company to then perform the necessary repairs, usually by cutting the pool deck to expose and replace the damaged section.

Have a look at some of our diagnostic equipment in use, and if you’d like to learn more please refer to an article about us in Canada’s national Pool & Spa Marketing magazine found here.

We look forward to you being in touch to discuss the specifics of your pool leak problem. We’d be glad to have that conversation and advise how we can help identify where and what your leak is!‚Ķ..

Dave Hutchison

What Our Customers Say:

“Would highly recommend to anyone having water issues”

“We had a bad water leak with our pool. A leaking large body of water is extremely concerning. We contacted Dave and he immediately helped us out. He troubleshooted the issue for us quickly so we could get it resolved.

We appreciated his prompt response, expertise and time he spent helping us out. We would highly recommend to anyone having water issues. Great service, very knowledgeable and professional.”
Rob Havers

“Would recommend those struggling with leaks and possible cracks”

“Absolute pleasure dealing with PipeTech Solutions. Wealth of experience and years of knowledge and expertise in their field. Able to discuss possible options with well informed people. Would recommend those struggling with leaks and possible cracks.”

“Well, I *am* impressed!”

Professionalism, Responsiveness

“A slow leak had plagued us over two seasons, so I bit the bullet and called PipeTech. Dave and crew found and fixed a slice in the liner at the bottom of the pool that I would never have found in a million years! I was particularly struck by the bevy of high-tech tools, the accuracy with which those tools determined the exact nature and degree of the leak, and the obvious (and comforting) expert ease with which the tools were wielded. It was comforting to get detailed explanations of what everything was and did, BUT BOTTOM LINE: leak was fixed!

Great guys too, if that sort of thing matters to you…”
Brian MacAskill

Servicing South-Western Ontario