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Where are you located and will you travel?

From our company's base in London, we perform work all over South Western Ontario, in an area from Guelph and Cambridge to Windsor and north to Owen Sound and points in between.

Special arrangements can be made for unique projects located elsewhere around the globe.

What are the costs of this interesting solution?

This is always a difficult question to answer!

Each situation is unique and we need to have your individual details before commiting ourselves to a quote as there are many variables that occur at each site, and sometimes different options present themselves.

The size and length of the pipe are two significant factors in any price, but they are not the only considerations.

In almost all situations, the cost is considerably less than other traditional methods of repair, such as open trenching and other methods that are disruptive to the ground surface and quite often require reconstruction of sidewalks, driveways, porches, desks and landscaping....not to mention the damages incurred to the trees and their roots which are often the source of the problem. These are additional costs and inconveniences that are not incurred in our underground lining method.

For these reasons, we feel an on site inspection is needed to properly assess your individual circumstances. Residential inspections typically cost $385 - $600.

This inspection fee includes a two hour process performed on site by our trained field technicians with a small, CCTV camera. This camera that has video recording and location transmitting capabilities. Other specialized equipment is also used to determine the true nature and extent of the problem and to determine the best solution(s).

Our technicians will invite you to see the results in live time on the monitor and later provide you with a written report and personal DVD copy of the results that you can then read and view at anytime. We believe that major decisions require proper time to reflect upon the solutions and to investigate alternatives. We therefore will apply the inspection fee towards any lining work that is performed within two years of the inspection date.


Isn't the city responsible for my sewer?

Yes and no. It depends where you live!

The City of London has made home owner's responsible for their entire sewer drain pipe right from the house to where it connects to the larger, main sewer underneath the road. The portion of that line from the property line to the city connection is known as the 'Personal Drain Connection', or PDC.

Should a problem of ANY kind occur in this PDC portion, the homeowner must arrange for and pay the costs of inspection, cleaning and repair, just as they must do for any section of pipe that is on the private, home owner's property up to the property line.

Presently, any inspection and cleaning/clearing of the PDC portion of the line originates with the homeowner performing this work themselves or contacting a private company to perform this work for them.

If an inspection reveals that replacement of the PDC portion of the line is needed then the home owner must contact the City of London to perform this work. This is in addition to arranging work for the sewer pipe that is on the home owner's property before it becomes a PDC at the property line.

In 2010 the City of London charges for this work on only the PDC portion is $6,300, regardless of the length of the PDC being replaced. It's a flat fee for single family and duplex residences. Other property types must engage a private company to perform this work. ($6,000 in 2008)


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